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>> oh, hello. raise your hand if you haven't slept with general petraeus. >> i have. >> oh! >> i think we overlapped for a month there. >> magical separation. >> don't leave your contact lens solution. >> jackie schechner poor looser edition of campaign 2012.
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apple threatens to fire employees because of obamacare. >> it's olive garden for you now on. >> oh, darn! [ laughter ] >> here she is, jackie schechner. >> happy monday. the hunted is now on for a new director of c.i.a. following noose of general petraeus resignation after reports of an affair with paula broad well. the current deputy director may be nominated. john o 'brennan is also a possibility. investigators are asking for an investigation however how the whole issue has been handled and why it's coming to light now.
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the chief of the homeland security committee has questions. >> it just doesn't add up that the f.b.i. would be carrying on this type of investigation without bringing it to the president or the highest levels of the white house. >> it doesn't seem to be partisan. senator dianne feinstein in charge of the senate intelligence committee is curious why she found out something like this from media irinquiries and because it could affect national security, pertinent lawmakers should have known in advance. a woman named jane kelly was being harassed by email and brought them into the f.b.i. office. they looked into the emails and found a relationship between broadwell and petraeus. no breach of national security, even though petraeus was advised to resign.
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we'll be back with more after the break. crazy monday. we'll see you on the other side. ♪ stay tuned for the answer. (vo) brought to you by metlife.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> ladies and gentlemen it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> stephanie: six minutes after the hour. reviewing what we learned at the top of the hour, two of us slept with general petraeus. anybody? anybody?
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[ laughter ] >> we're still walking on sunshine no need to change the theme song. how old is she? our 4-year-old singer? someone do the remix. ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: ok. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right wow other listeners are doing remixes. >> yeah! >> from san santonio, thank you guys. all right, not everybody's so happy, clappy. karl rove isn't. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: that's the icing
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on this cake. from columbus, an audio from election night when he was having his meltdown when the results were coming in. >> you listen to me! i want it reopened right now. get those brokers back in here! turn those machines back on! turn those machines back on! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: karl rove's people, mortimer duke from trade be places. >> i enjoyed seeing him jump off the balcony. >> stephanie: the part where his brother is having a heart attack. [bleep] him. turn those machines back on. >> do you think somebody from the tea party who got his credit card canceled overnight might have been a little upset?
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>> who said i am now predicting a 330 electoral vote for mitt romney? [buzzer] >> i am predicting 321-217 landslide for romney. george will. the general who's always been wrong about everything. ever. in the history of things. >> who said it won't be close i predict a romney victory by 120 electoral votes. >> ghandi. >> for the win who said we're going to win by a landslide romney's going to carry 325 electoral votes. >> dick sergeant? >> stephanie: because it was
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being morris. >> that's as wrong as saying general petraeus is a wonderful family man. multiple family man. >> stephanie: yikes. if we find out he slept with that astronaut woman that woman is. [ laughter ] >> ok, all right tom a happy clappy liberal. your shows last week allowed me to bask in the after glow and gloat endlessly in the privacy of my own home. >> stephanie: you're welcome. >> it was a cathartic experience after a long election. by the way you're a ravishing beauty without your baseball cap but with it you look like a sexy college co he had. >> college co ed?
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>> you're like those elderly people that go back to college after retirement. >> stephanie: hey grandma! oh! quit it! [ laughter ] >> i laugh out loud every time i hear jim yell. >> stephanie: where you been? >> he's whining to himself very quietly now. >> stephanie: he's just whining to his mouth. >> stephanie: i put on such a great convention. i don't know why. >> the whole empty chair thing was a good idea. >> stephanie: tom says i'm forever your biggest fan people from lockport have to stick together. [ applause ] >> stephanie: ed in seattle sends this. this is from canada. hi steph so you're moving to
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canada if obama gets reelected? i'm sure you'll [bleep] fit right in. [ applause ] >> some tea baggers not that bright. >> we've got to go to canada to get away from the socialist medicine thing. >> stephanie: they want to go to canada which is funny. >> there's less socialism to the neighbors to our south but i don't think they want to move there, because there are too many brown people. just saying. they're kind of trapped. it's funny they're trapped on this continent. they can't go to hawaii, because obama was born there! >> stephanie: moving to kenya? ok.
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[ laughter ] >> we have a full on lineup. the rude pundit coming up. it just gets more and more entertaining every day. apparently, the mean will be yelling at the american people for four years. american people of stupid. ok. martha plimpton on the big show today. [ applause ] >> emails about this, wow! not saying moor losers, teresa wrote portland's progressive radio station was taken away, friday night. that's one of the most successful stations in the. >> country. republicans don't carry about
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business. >> stephanie: now it's fox sports radio. now it's the 7,000th sports station. timing is obvious with the election several days ago. they just replayed us on saturdays. we weren't on full time because they had a local show. thank god for current tv. >> stephanie: thanks, teresa. curious that. hmm. >> i thought republicans were all about business sense. apparently not. >> stephanie: would you like some fun facts. interesting timing this study too, just on the heels of the election results. on monday, the day before election day radio streaming mobile service tune in made public graphic showing listener engagement by political leaning across nine states, the graphic is remarkable in that all but two of the states won by president obama people spent more time on stations classified as liberal. it tilted towards liberal
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programming. interesting. >> and was right field in the election. >> stephanie: hmm. apparently the american people prefer to be called stupid more. slackers. >> cribbage scores or something. >> yes those big cribbage tournament. >> or is it quidive? >> >> this is hard, you want to try it get in the ring. this is hard. >> some pie mrs. romney. >> mrs. romney already got her electoral pie that i predicted correctly. i was saying to me it was sweeter the second time around. this is the second electoral landslide this president has won, so again proof it wasn't a fluke. obviously a lot of us felt we were in a post racial country
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after we elected the president. the last time, wow, there is a lot of blatant racism. wow! have you looked on line! a buzz feed posted a bunch of -- people feel free to use their whole full name. >> did they leave their phone numbers, too? >> i need music to get through it. wow, it's trevor, i was all happy and ready for school and i figured out retard n word is in office again. >> i hope obama dies. it's good he put his whole name there. >> the secret service will know who it is. >> stephanie: have an easier time finding him. >> what is that spot on your head? oh, you're just retarded. >> stephanie: n word are voting obama 2012 because they are
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afraid romney is going to create jobs. >> why did obama's great grand daddy cross the road? because my great grand daddy tugged his neck chain that direction. >> can't wait for romney to win that election and kick that n word obama and his family out of the white house. his handle is i'm not racist. that guy. nicky, is this really our punishment for slavery? wasn't four years enough? can't we call it even? >> davis i'd be willing to spill blood and take back the north. >> good luck with that. >> stephanie: i'm glad he put his whole name there treason. >> first thing my mom said this morning, did you hear the bad news, the monkey is staying another four years #we hate obama. >> gabe writes i hope the world
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does end in december so we don't have to suffer another four years with ma monkey in office. >> can't we all just go vote for romney so we can get this n word out of office? it turns out lauren, no. >> you really want another civil war. really? >> stephanie: really? [ wah wah ] >> let's see how that works out for you. we have to burn atlanta to the ground again? come on! >> stephanie: you know what will make everything better? soda stream! for the holidays. it's the new way to make soda in 30 seconds. the ultimate holiday gift for the entire family. have you seen it? it's like this big and it makes you don't have to lug all those
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>>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk!
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the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy. [ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . >> stephanie: mm-hmm, okay, all ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: mmm hmm. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour.
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hi mike. >> caller: i've got a question for mitt romney. i know how closely he follows the show. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: mitt, you said through your wife that there was no smoking gun in your tax rushes. trust me, i'm only keeping them hidden because i don't want them to be a political football. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: in the campaign. the campaign's over now. >> stephanie: it's safe now. >> caller: if there's no smoking gun like he took a tax hevasion amnesty, it's an honorable man. isn't it fair now? >> stephanie: i'm sure people get right on that. >> caller: sure. >> my taxes are the right height.
6:25 am
>> stephanie: just saying, one would think. we know how he thinks about the people who work so hard for him. he cut off their credit cards at midnight. hi, caroline. >> caller: good morning, good morning. >> stephanie: good morningism i just wanted to tell you that i was watching the simpsons last night as i regularly do. i've also said that i'm probably the only 66-year-old woman who does, but one of the things that they have is an on going gag at the beginning of the show is bart is being punished by being forced to write the same thing on the black board over and over at school. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: last night he was writing i cannot can seed the election until karl rove gives me permission. [ laughter ] >> excellent. >> stephanie: all right, thank you. by the way, i was just reading some of the horribly racist stuff on line after the
6:26 am
president won some before, some after. we were talking about the two ultimate realities and this is why they were so shocked. romney and ryan, everybody the republican party his followers because they don't literally they have an alternate reality. i'm curious how people feel about fox news and rush and all those people really having misled them, literally they're stunned. a piece sums it up. mr. obama continues to press his point that he would allow taxes to rice on the rich. election was a wake up call for many members. everyone they knew hated obama. everyone agreed exactly with them and then we lost. if you only talk to people has agree with you. we listen to both sides. >> absolutely. i watched six hours of fox news a day. >> stephanie: you don't have to. other districts see no reason to give in even if the nation as a
6:27 am
whole sided with the president on taxes. so you're still going to have some of those people. a lot of them were gerrymandered in. the house was able to redistrict so that a lot of them, they couldn't lose. >> their big wins in 2010 allowed them to control the gerrymandering. >> stephanie: so that will be fun. >> a good article about how the gop's war on voting backfired. you can find that. >> stephanie: gene in texas you'ren oh the "stephanie miller show." hi. >> caller: you're like the voice of america for us texans, i love you guys. >> stephanie: why, thank you. >> caller: i live not too far from w. >> stephanie: say hi! >> i how's that brush doing? >> caller: we had to draw the curtains closed on election night and we had friends over.
6:28 am
it was glorious, but we had to subdue our excitement. >> stephanie: we just had the curtains drawn because we're in mourning here. [ cheering ] >> caller: i would love to point out that i'm a married white lady in texas who voled for obama. >> stephanie: what? draw those drapes in texas. appreciate it. rude pundit with oddly really rude stuff on the election. we will talk to him next on the "stephanie miller show." this is not our money that we're being nice enough to give them. >> they pay into it. >> stephanie: this is their money that they paid into their whole life and now we're breaking the deal. sorry, we spent it. >> we pulled the rug out from under you, sorry. >> stephanie: some how they have to some degree won the spin cycle in the last wisconsin election. i heard rush limbaugh, oh,
6:29 am
they're asking the unions to give up a little bit. they already agreed. ♪ ♪ >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now.
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>>(narrator) bill press is on current tv. >>liberal and proud of it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i believe you were about to ask me to choose a cocktail. fortunately, thanks to savvy chalks, there's an app for that. >> stephanie: ruth an in washington d.c. has a neighbor moving out. hi, ruth ruman hi, there, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i have great news. we had an infestation in our neighborhood. his name was allen west. he lived three blocks down the street from me. >> stephanie: oh, dear. >> caller: i wanted to pack up and move. >> stephanie: there goes the neighborhood. here comes the neighborhood now he's moving out! thank you, ruth ruman i want to
6:34 am
fumigate and have a party. >> stephanie: he still hasn't conceded yet in another sore loser edition of the 2012... all right, hey guess what, it's monday. ♪ ♪ >> pundit. pundit. >> stephanie: good morning rude. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: how did i know that you would perhaps not be in the graceful winner column of the 2012? >> caller: i'm spiking that football right in their faces. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you have a lovely picture, a screen shot of the romney transition website. >> caller: yeah. >> stephanie: that talks about the historic election of mitt romney. you can know better than the one up there a page prepped and ready to go but now iced, the romney in transition website. yeah, that was it just and his real name is up there willard right? >> caller: yes because maybe
6:35 am
when you become president you don't get to go by your nick anymore name. they would have to say it at the inauguration, wouldn't they? >> stephanie: yes and then stifle the giggling. you write "scared scared white men blaming the brown people who want stuff acting as if the bush tax cuts weren't from the fading empire. >> caller: diagram that sentence. >> yeah, wow. >> stephanie: but, you know, as you say you say that would require self reflection. it's easier to just blame the [bleep] racial slur for stealing your hubcaps rather than facing the fact that you're a [bleep]
6:36 am
driver. >> caller: hasn't demographics become the new inner city or urban. our problem was demographics, which is really the most elaborate way they've come up with so far. >> stephanie: did you get the david gregory clip yesterday? >> yes! >> stephanie: i was going to say yesterday, demographics, they can blame whoever they want, chris christie, the hurricane god, whoever. he said it was demographics. >> caller: right, rather than what they actually believe that people weren't actually rejecting republican philosophy, they were merely voting because they want stuff. >> stephanie: yeah, yeah. i had to call chris immediately after this happened. jim, did you hear this? just listen to this david gregory question yesterday. >> you see a role for governor romney in this process would you like to see the president bring him into negotiations over the fiscal cliff.
6:37 am
>> stephanie: he says what now? i'm sorry should the that's the new prom at her of how bipartisan the president's supposed to be, he's supposed to bring in the one who lost by a landslide. >> caller: aren't we supposed to forget the name mitt romney now let him disappear into whatever mormon paradise he's supposed to go to? >> did anyone think president bush don't you think you should bring john kerry in to help with the negotiations? >> caller: how many times did george w. bush bring in al gore for consultation after? >> stephanie: i'm sorry and my head is still exploding. he won in a landslide and gregory is still making my head explode. >> caller: this phantom of bipartisanship that they keep
6:38 am
worshiping. at some point you have to say you know what, we have now twice elected the same guy. >> stephanie: by a landslide. >> caller: we want him to do his plan. >> stephanie: say the l. word with us. >> do you think the american people of idiots? should he bring mitt romney in to negotiate over the fiscal cliff? what! >> caller: the very idea that they don't understand or they're just starting to grasp how wrong they were up until the very end how confident they were. i was just new oh, rude, please, i think gave gregory is right. who can't see the resounding result was that the american people want mitt romney! >> caller: mitt romney's plan should be considered. yeah. >> stephanie: sorry let me get back to your piece. we went in my david gregory cul-de-sac for a minute. >> caller: it's actually not that far off because this points to again just how they
6:39 am
clung to the story line that this was going to be close. they clung to this story line that the nation was actually considering the things that republicans were offering, and so now this is just pushing that narrative past the election. well obviously you need to take into consideration the things that the republicans. >> stephanie: obviously the mandate was toward the president to listen to what mitt romney is saying. what! you're trying to be helpful. contain have helpful music please? ♪ >> stephanie: in four of the last five presidential election, you lost the popular vote. is that telling you something? no because you're republicans and you don't care what reality is. you attempt to bend reality like a contortionist porn actor trying and failing to lick his own bleep. >> caller: really one can't say? >> stephanie: no, it taint kosher. >> i think you messed up there and actually said it. >> stephanie: no, i said it in a
6:40 am
different context. all right, you lost, it wasn't close, a quicker or nail biter. your mathematicians were wrong. it was over before the election started, over before you nominated a fraud a tin man looking for a heart not because he wanted one because his advises told him he needed one. mitt romney was as close to a character of a rich [bleep] as you could get without merely looking like he was plagiarizing the simpsons. it was over because every effort to lie and smear the president americans saw he was a cool rational man who kept trying to get things done. you won't see these things, because you're republicans. self reflection is to what a hot needle assist would be to your
6:41 am
ass. ass. >> caller: why can't we just do the paul ryan budget, since he's still there. >> stephanie: yeah he's still there. >> caller: he's still there, and the fact that not only did republicans lose in the senate, but they lost to having some of the most liberal members. bernie sanders finally has people to play with in the senate. more people to play with, sips he had a couple before, but, you know, the idea that the country is not just shifting because of color, and because of where people are coming from, but because of what they believe. they actually, that you've shifted so far to the right that all people look at you and just are appalled. >> stephanie: right. i have to say, this was, you know your closing piece is the best advice you can give them. stop being jerks. as joe biden said, get out of the way. stop being gentlemen, to women immigrants gays, union members.
6:42 am
just stop. if you don't understand how the gop strategy has affected you than you're damned to be a party of bodies in the road. if you haven't learned your lesson, you know nothing about the united states. >> caller: you know that i've not always been a happy clappy obama supporter. >> stephanie: no. >> caller: but i have said that he is going to be reelected for since the election started. >> stephanie: that's why i believed it, not just nate silver but you. >> caller: i had no doubt from the second that christie and bush said they weren't going to run, there was no reason to even sweat about it. >> stephanie: you agreed with ann coulter. if we don't nominate chris christie it will be romney and we'll lose. >> if i cut it, will it bleed.
6:43 am
>> stephanie: just twist it. >> caller: i feel like one of her bony elbows just got me in the gut. >> stephanie: you feel that karl rove's leather slave. >> caller: i was worried about karl rove's leather slave for years. i have quite a good relationship with karl rove. >> formerly of nbc nightly news. coming up, karl rove's leather slave. >> caller: that's the greatest shot in this whole thing is watching karl rove gelatinously twitch and shake on fox. >> stephanie: what do you have? we have audio. have you heard this? >> you listen to me i want that reopened right now. get those brokers back in here! turn those machines back on! turn those machines back on!
6:44 am
>> stephanie: it's mortimer duke from trading places. >> caller: that's great seeing him scream and make his math matter against real math. >> stephanie: when megan has to say to you is this republican math to make you feel better? >> caller: when bill hammer, who's did you mean as a bucket of hair has to tell you that you're wrong you've really fallen down. >> stephanie: i think you said if you put a donees cap on him he would thank you for making his head bigger. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what you mean by that. >> stephanie: all right, rudeness great stuff we'll see you next week. >> caller: all righty. >> stephanie: there we go. hooray! >> announcer: join the party
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(vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>"if you ever raise taxes on >>the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
6:49 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. fifty minutes after the hour. eric boehlert joins us at the top of the hour. rocky from jersey, hi. >> caller: your favorite fan here. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: and you know, i'm a teacher, just retired in june. you know, when i hear you, you know, i taught social science. i taught about racial quality we started a school club way back in the 1970's. i hear when you read these
6:50 am
emails from these kids and it just breaks my heart. >> stephanie: i know. >> i thought we'd come farther than this. it seems like the last 40 years what i've done is just fallen on ground. >> stephanie: there are a couple of families in particular that i can remember, friends whose parents used the n. word so the kids used it. that was in the 1970's. the saddest one i read was the mother who said my mom just said bad news, the monkey's still in the white house. really? 2012 and you're still talking like that to your kids. >> it breaks your heart. these kids are not born like this. they're just in indoctrinated with this. i remember my kids saying dad we heard this word, this n.
6:51 am
word. it just breaks your heart. it's just like what did i do for the last 40 years? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: you know what i mean. >> stephanie: except that rocky we've got to look at two electoral land slides in a row. >> caller: absolutely. >> stephanie: and take heart in that. all right, honey, thank you. let's go to joe in chicago. hi, joe, welcome. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i was thinking the senate's first order of business should be to create a bill to celebrate obamacare to counter act congressional silliness of trying to put out all these bills to disable it. >> stephanie: wouldn't that be something? you can have off today kids. it's obamacare day. [ applause ] >> stephanie: it's amazing that it's alive and well. applebees threatened to fire employees and freeze hiring because of obamacare.
6:52 am
sore loser sour grapes. the c.e.o. have apple bee's in new york is refusing to hire anyone new. why? because he might have to provide them health care under the affordable health care act. in appearance on fox business. he said he won't be able to hire new people because of the law and floated the idea of layoffs. the host said you feel pressured to move to part time work force because of obamacare? he said the model's been set. i don't want to make commitments one way or the other. we're looking at it, it's possible to do without cutting people back. that rolls back expansion hiring more people, blah blah blah. >> stephanie: the think progress shows that a company that provides health care has a higher retention rate for its employees, more employees satisfaction and draws the best employees for the job. that's why you supply health care normally.
6:53 am
guess what, your boss is a jerk. >> the c.e.o. of the whole company. >> stephanie: after obama reelection announces layoffs. like anything has changed in his business from tuesday to today. please. robert murray, that guy. >> jerk. >> stephanie: read a prayer to a group of company staff members lamenting the direction of the company and asked lord, please forgive us for the decisions we are now forced to make to preserve the existence of any of the enterprise's you helped us build. he laid off 50 at american coal and 102 on utah energy, blaming the president. the company is the subject of an
6:54 am
article, they used miners as props for a romney campaign event. they forced them to take a day off without pay to stand in a picture for mitt romney. employees reported being forced to give contributions to republicans. they've been a target of environmentalists, because they're polluters. >> they chop off the top of mountains and don't replace them. >> stephanie: robin in florida. allegedly. go ahead robin. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, robin. >> caller: i want to say how much you enjoy your show. if you want to start your day off right, two things you can do first listen to i got a good feeling by flo rida, then immediately find the karl rove video, put it on and crack up. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: because let me tell
6:55 am
you about election night. as soon as ohio, my home state put it over the top which i knew they would. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i went immediately immediately to fox. i thought karl rove's hair was going to grow back. i thought buddy, lose your grip. you led mitt romney down the golden path. go hide, baby. >> stephanie: although he can't run fast, i'm guessing. hi, june. >> caller: hello stephanie. i have a bone to pick about the republican station i do not want to name the name of it, theythey were having a round table discussion. their thinking is out of the world. they're saying that we're going to have to attract more minorities and blacks and hispanics by putting up more people like condoleezza rice in order to attract the african-american vote.
6:56 am
this is crazy. you cannot expect black people to vote by color. we're voting against the republican party because of their policies. >> stephanie: by the way, their convention full of human props didn't work, either. people aren't stupid. they literally think they're going to solve their latino problem by nominatedding marco rubio. >> caller: did they hear the hispanic people talking about they disrespected their children the dream act thing. mitt romney wanted immigrants to voluntarily go home. >> stephanie: exactly. it's not just a policy problem. it's a tone problem. it's all of it, you know. if you have a bunch of people talking about electrifying fences, like barbecuing human beings. ok. stephanie in ohio, hi, steph.
6:57 am
go ahead. >> caller: well, first of all i want to say i'm not just a straight ally, but a fan of country music. thank you so much for being good. i've always been an ally. >> stephanie: shelly write the official country star of the "stephanie miller show," yes. >> caller: i wanted to say as a straight ally, it was a colossal joke to talk about getting rid of obamacare. >> erik boehlert next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show."
6:58 am
tt [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] ♪ >> stephanie: he will le, t.v. land. here is evidence that jackie schechner and i are political geek honest air and off. what happened after meet the press? >> you called me. >> stephanie: i said did you hear david greg we said this. >> would you like to see the president bring mitt romney into negotiations over the fiscal cliff. >> her message said he did not just say that? i'm sorry says what? i had a leave a whole rant on her machine. i said did you hear the [bleep]
6:59 am
>> i did call right back, because you were not available on my return. >> stephanie: you called and left me a rant on my machine. we should play those on the air to show that we're full time political geeks. with more political geek attitude. >> it's only monday, but this may be the quote of the week. on cbs this morning grover norquist channels his inner 4-year-old, asking how republicans might honor his pledge not to raise taxes and remain open to negotiate with the president. the answer? just listen. >> the president was committed elected on the basis that he was not romney and romney was a poopy head and you should vote against romney and he won by two points. he didn't make the case for higher taxes and higher spending. he kind of sounded like the opposite. >> i'm not sure that's what the president called mitt romney, grover. >> he did say poopy head.
7:00 am
he kept a straight face, going on to point out that the president did win most of the battleground states, all but one and he did campaign on having the wealthiest pay their fair share. the president influence start talking about the fiscal cliff working out a budget deal and he's going to meet with labor leaders and wednesday he welcomes business executives to the white house to build on those relationships even though many backed mitt romney during the election, several have formed a coalition to ask for a compromise not entirely at odds with the president's plan. on friday, the president will meet with congressional leaders at the white house. we are back with more stuff after the break. we'll see you on the other side.
7:01 am
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and i sea food differently. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. what is that? >> sorry what? >> stephanie: never mind. ok, six minutes. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> were you dialing david
7:05 am
petraeus? >> stephanie: yes. >> that makes you a general on the ground. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. i figured this out tim, you know me and my especially with astrology, they're both scorpios petraeus and broadwell. >> there you go. i think they were exposed by having their clothes off. there's that. >> stephanie: all right lots to get to. eric boehlert from media matters for america. ♪ >> stephanie: eric boehlert, good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: how much have i been looking to our post election session! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you and i we share a brain. i love you entirely you.
7:06 am
write hey face the nation, great choice having peggy noonan on to analyze the election especially because she got everything wrong. i saved this for you. i was waiting for david gregory because every premise of every question he asked during the election was wrong. i thought i'm sure that will change. >> do you see a role for governor romney in this process would you like to see the president in to save the negotiations over the fiscal cliff? >> stephanie: squeeze me? >> caller: i know. why doesn't he ask him if romney's going to be nominated for secretary of treasury, because that's what a bipartisan person would do, right? the peggy noonan thing was great because as i said, let's have someone who got everything wrong about the election in on face the nation to analyze the election. peggy noonan two days or even
7:07 am
one day before wrote this crazy column. at the very top of it she says nobody knows anything. it's impossible to tell who's going to win ignoring like 245 polls over the last four weeks. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: which painted a very specific picture about who was going to win. she starts off the column nobody knows, it's a mystery, we were all in, you know, then she goes based on vibrations. >> stephanie: vibrations were telling her romney. >> caller: and she so you long lines in florida she had decided that mitt romney was winning. now she is writing for the largest newspaper in america the wall street journal and basing her election prediction on vibrations and these weird anecdotes. it's an absolutely -- a lot of people have been talking about disclosure of the right wing media and all these people woke up shocked when mitt romney lost because they watched fox news,
7:08 am
read peggy noonan and watch rush limbaugh. the question, now there's this grappling within the conservative movement, maybe the media is doing more harm than good. have you been reading media matters for the last eight years? my point is people like peggy noonan, i am convinced and rush limbaugh and others, they're just paid to be wrong. this was a decision they made weeks up to the campaign, they were paid to be wrong and tell conservatives their guy was going to win when most people knew he wasn't. >> stephanie: it's like you keep your people that make you feel better i'll keep my people that are right. people like eric boehlert and nate silver. you were very helpful a.k.a., a landslide. 332-206. say it with us, landslide. you also had some great tweets. romney lost because they didn't have enough money.
7:09 am
you said when they call florida for obama i'm going to raise a toast to al gore. >> that made me feel good, you know to think that he won it by what was it 73, 76,000 votes. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: lets not ever forget what happened to al gore in the state of florida. one of my first tweets from election night was, you know, in bed by 11:00. i mean, i was kind of surprised you know, when some of the vote counts from florida were coming back and things like that, but what's fascinating is a cbs report the next day talking about how romney aides were completely shocked because they bought into all this need i can't no one accepts the misinformation, all the polls were skewed, heading colorado by two, florida was going to be off the board by 8:30, and it's amazing. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: it really is this completely closed media loop.
7:10 am
i thought it was just the media i thought it was just fox news doing their thing to make money and they were suckering their viewers. >> stephanie: you run a great piece eric. now it's like what now. you say raise your hand, part of sean hannitys message. you go is this going to be their shtick for four years. are americans going to want to hear continually how stupid and lays they are? >> caller: after the election, kind of blame it on the voters. they're so stupid, misinformed they don't get it. they didn't really get mitt romney and if they were just more in folder but that's not what they did. after the election, they said they were lays, they are these moochers, they're hangers on.
7:11 am
they want all this free stuff from the government. >> stephanie: lashes out at the voters you get the government you deserve. it pains me to say this, you say that's the box the gop noise machine built for itself. if that's true, why did obama just win his second electoral land slide in four years? all those voters are part of the problem. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: blah blah blah. i mean, fascinating what's going to happen now right? >> caller: yeah, and this is, we talked about it, but for months and months, i've been asking what are these people going to do on election night because romney ain't going to oh win and so if they just keep feeding this frenzy about, you know, all you had to do was read the conservative media the weeks before the campaign, you know, obama's coalition was paul
7:12 am
apart, blacks weren't going to turn out. he was losing the jewish vote. pennsylvania and michigan might be in play. i'm thinking none of this is true. >> stephanie: they seem incapable of introspection. >> caller: karl rove wrote that obama was lucky that hurricane sandy hit which, you know, come to new jersey and ask the people how lucky they were. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and again, karl rove has written approximately 28 or 29 columns in the last 18 months about how obama can't win his coalition is falling apart. he's spent a year cherry picking polls, which i saw ended up 24th and 25th ranking the worst polling for the campaign.
7:13 am
so, you know, again, karl rove, largest newspaper in america he's supposed to be giving us inside information. his insight into how this campaign can play out. he's an operative raising $300 million to try to defeat obama. there is no way he can write a column that said oh oh, by the way, romney might lose. >> stephanie: right exactly. let's dive into the right wing world and see what's doing today. how did obama reach out to these demographics? he reached out through student loans, amnesty programs for younger hispanics. he went and birth control is the biggest thing. for sandra flux to have a prime time speaking role would have been absurd. we have women can afford birth control turn out and say i want free birth control. turns out they are a one issue
7:14 am
voter. >> stephanie: now they have right wing women to call other women sluts essentially, so that's fair, yeah. >> caller: and again it really is sustained for the voters. it's not introspection. why does the republican party have a permanent gender gap. why did mitt romney just lose 70% of the latino vote when george bush, you know, got 40% just eight or 12 years ago? i mean, there is no introspection about what are we doing wrong? it's obama's suppressing the vote which is what karl rove claims or these women voters are also selfish. that's why they vote democratic. good luck with turning that ship around. >> stephanie: good luck. laura engram. >> i would say think about what president obama did that actually helped him win a huge reelection victory.
7:15 am
he decided not to necessarily compromise on pretty much any issue. he decided to double down on liberalism. i think the president is going to go full steam ahead on his agenda, a socially progressive and very liberal agenda. >> not really. ask bernie sanders what a real progressive is. >> caller: she talked about then someone pretty quickly that was fox sunday yesterday, one of the guests pointed out, what about health care. are you suggesting he would compromise on health care. she said oh, well, that's one issue. look, the idea that the health care that was passed was some sort of radical leftwing approach to trying to solve that problem isn't true. again, laura thinks that compromise is the wrong way to go and she thinks that the republican party should just stick with what had it's doing because she's getting rich off it. she has a very comfortable job and i don't think she really
7:16 am
cares what happens to the republican party and that's the dynamic that's at play here. people are saying oh oh, the republican party has to regain its leadership from fox news. good luck. you think sean hannity is going to give up his $10 million a year influence? i think o'reilly makes $20 million, 10 or $20 million. >> stephanie: now further next 10 years to tell you how stupid you are. >> by the way, don't raise my taxes. >> stephanie: we continue with eric boehlert next on the "stephanie miller show." >> that happened and we all let it happen. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. ♪
7:20 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 22 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert joins us. calendar thomas on fox news. >> you look at what's happening out there, you have entire two generations now who believe that the government owes them something. the whole idea if you build a successful business, the rag against romney, he was a rich, out of touch man. we now denigrate what we used to promote in this country, the media does, too rich people are evil and owe other people who sleep until noon. we've seen the you tube of the obama phone woman. how are you going to get a free phone? you've got to vote for obama be on food starches and disbat. >> stephanie: wow, four more years of cranky white men yelling at people. >> caller: bill o'reilly talking about this is not the traditional america anymore.
7:21 am
he was talking about this free stuff and who did he single out? blacks hispanics and women. they want free stuff from the government. then it's all part of this larger conspiracy that obama wants people unemployed, wants people on food stamps and medicaid,. >> stephanie: because he's santa claus, according to rush limbaugh. >> caller: on election day he sends out this telepathic message that all of us must rise up to go to the polls to get more free stuff. it is this sort of contempt for the voter, not claiming they're uninformed, but they're selfish and lays lazy and a bunch of moochers. 60 million voters. >> stephanie: i guess we should take heart in the fact that they don't get it. because they're going to continue to lose. >> caller: they will, they will. >> stephanie: mike gallagher fox news. >> it's time to move forward. the election is over. we're going to beat up on obama
7:22 am
for the next four years challenge everything that he is trying to do that we disagree with. there is no question that the republican party is going to have to do a great deal of soul searching in terms of what it does with hispanics. >> stephanie: he's starting to get it! >> caller: it's interesting this idea that the hispanics. oh, we got to get the latino vote. it was such obvious sort of unthinking flip-flopping. this has been the party and fox news has been the channel of this raging sort of antti immigration and now sean hannity announces oh, i'm evolving, i'm going to change all that. >> stephanie: didn't he used to call that flip nothinging? >> caller: they haven't articulated any philosophy change. it's we got to get their votes what do we do. principles have been completely thrown out of the window. i love gallagher saying we're going to keep attacking obama and we're going to, you know, this is why they've completely
7:23 am
turned off the middle of america. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: just with this obama. >> stephanie: i think they're happier trying to continue attacking president obama than defending president romney. >> fox viewers ought to be outraged because day and day out they were told romney was going to win and ohio was never up, pennsylvania was never up, iowa, new hampshire, they were never up. nate silver was correct. the republican establishment polls were wrong. >> stephanie: zoink. >> he was wrong and now hes saying... >> caller: he's saying, it's interesting, saying offensively viewers should be upset. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: they should be upset at fox news. because everyone who tuned in, you know within the days before the campaign were told, you
7:24 am
know again, you know, romney is surging, obama's coalition is falling apart, ohio is up in the air, maybe romney can win pennsylvania. they were absolutely the driving engine for this sort of what i call knowing misinformation. >> stephanie: wasn't one of the people telling them that on fox news frank luntz? who are you listening to. >> i think honest debate, the leadership in the republican party and the conservative movement has to pull back, let people float new ideas. let's have a serious debate. don't scream and yell at what one person says and raise the taxes a little bit on the millionaires. i don't understand why the republicans don't take obama's offer. >> stephanie: wow. you know something's going on when bill crystal is approaching being right on anything. >> caller: it's interesting he's saying let people float debates, let people, which you
7:25 am
have to be able to do if you're going to have a viable political movement and don't be shouted down. this all comes back to the noise machine and what did we see during the primary campaign? anyone who even got half a stride out of step, you know on the hot button issues were that shouted down by fox news. why do you think mitt romney had to adopt this in sane immigration stance to get through the republican primary? you do it to please fox news, rush limbaugh, to please the right wing media and that's why the republican party is in such a trap. after mccain lost, they ceded all of their public authority to the media and now they're saying we need to get it back. good luck. >> stephanie: and we do and best of luck to them. eric boehlert, thank you. we'll see you next week, honey. >> what? >> stephanie: raise maxes on
7:26 am
millionaires. we heard at the top of the hour, you heard norquist saying the president only won because he called mitt romney a poopy head. i must have missed that part. do we have it? yeah, here we go. i got to hear that again. and this is a guy named grover. >> the president was committed abelected on the basis that he was not romney and that romney was a poopy head. [ laughter ] >> this just in, grover norquist sadly drowned in a bathtub. >> stephanie: that's it. that's a good election analysis. you're still a guy named grover. twenty29 minutes after the hour. we're right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:27 am
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> they sit around in their underwear and fornicating in the >> just because i don't have spikey hair doesn't mean i'm not a strong, independent woman ok? >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," 34 minutes after the hour. it's monday, and i get. ♪ >> stephanie: i get live in studio what? >> what? is that legal? ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: good morning john fugelsang. >> caller: good morning, steph good morning all you all. [ applause ] >> how nice to be in the same room with you.
7:32 am
>> stephanie: hi, handsome! >> hello fox. >> how be you feeling? >> you know, i can't stop watching the karl rove footage. watching karl rove say fox was wrong while on fox was like watching irony asphyxiate itself. on the day a new james bond film opens, the top american spy has to resign for having sex with one person. you can kill people in afghanistan, run the c.i.a., but you make love to one person, you're gone. >> stephanie: we've got a lot to get to. karl rove, i know, is it bad the headlines make me happy.
7:33 am
karl rove defends his disaster. >> you mean his redistribution of republican wealth? >> who is he defending it to. >> stephanie: this was my favorite quote. megyn kelly saying is this the math republicans do to make yourself feel better? >> it's like a hat they put on and take off. >> stephanie: the segment was passed around endlessly and nearly caused john stewart to die of laughter. >> it's his brain having an aneurysm. >> stephanie: fun facts, the litany of culprits that he has behind obama's victory that he has put forth. people blamed include mother nature, hurricane sandy interrupting mr. romney's momentum allowed president obama to look presidential and bipartisan. maybe because he is. that's a dirty trick. >> by the way there's no
7:34 am
evidence that support that obama swang state before the hurricane hit. >> stephanie: about letting detroit go bankrupt. >> in fairness to mittens he did not. >> stephanie: with a cell phone camera taping mr. romney. dirty tricks, they won by suppressing the vote. oh by running these mean ads. >> he didn't defend himself against the bain stuff. congrats to karl rove for blowing $400 million. what a waste of money. david axelrod i think they'll be
7:35 am
reluctant in the future when mr. rove and others come knocking on the door. >> yep. >> stephanie: twisting the knife just a little. >> will karl rove be getting a job at liberal university soon? >> he'll to have face the wrath of sheldon first. >> mr. romney, sheldon aidle son on line three. apparently he wants a refund. his wife is the top female super pac donor of all time. >> stephanie: reallile? >> when you spend a money in a sheldon aidle son casino, you know right where it's going. >> caller: i just wanted to comment on the comment about reacting to the races. >> stephanie: am i on speaker phone by chance, sheryl? >> caller: i just wanted to say that the kids today really are the future, because my
7:36 am
10-year-old is, she's completely post racial. she identifies with president obama, because both of her ears stick out. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: big eared people of the world unite. >> with big john walton. >> stephanie: hi, keith. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i'm a college student, just turned 18 so i got to vote this year. >> congratulations. >> caller: i'm so happy. congratulations, voted for president obama but my comment was what do you guys think about the political genius known as donald trump tweeting all the hate he was putting out there about obama. >> stephanie: his meltdown was on a par with karl rove's. >> caller: i think he liked mitt romney so well because he had the hair do he always wishes he had. >> i posted yesterday a photo that someone sent me, because
7:37 am
donald trump tweeted something and deleted i had "he loft the popular vote by a lot and won the election. we should have a revolution in this country." right below calling donald trump a tool is an insult. for anyone who wanted to see the post that donald deleted, it's still out there. >> stephanie: we were saying something has really gone full circle when bill crystal approaches being right on anything. we are in the parallel universe. he said it won't kill the country to raise taxes on millionaires. what? sean-ty's for immigration reform? >> you mean the people voted for it in 2008? happy 20th affairs to bill clinton for being elected. >> stephanie: yay! he said let's see, i don't understand why republicans don't take obama's offer to freeze taxes for everyone below
7:38 am
250,000. >> it's like his father becomes back from the grave and he becomes sane again. >> stephanie: carl in nashville. you're on with john. >> caller: you know, steph what i did purposely was not listen to the right wing radio the national and local shows. they've learned absolutely nothing, nothing at all. >> stephanie: self introspection not their bag. >> that's the third stage of fox grief, you learn nothing. >> caller: they lost because a lot of people want a handout not because of poor policies. i'm telling you and you can take this to the bank. the most shacking and stunning thing out of the election is what happened in florida. florida is now a blue state. >> right on oh. >> caller: because cubans, cubans voted more for democrats than republicans and that hasn't
7:39 am
happened since the bay of pigs. that's crucial. they ought to be panicking and burning their hair out. >> when you have older catholic latinos voting for the other side, it's not going to help to have rubio as your nominee. the fact that you would do that shows how tone deaf and racially ignorant you really are. >> i do like fish tacos, though. >> stephanie: i love this song. ♪ >> stephanie: florida governor orders review of voting process. what went wrong? >> 12 years too late. >> stephanie: ordered a review of the voting process in his state and why some people had to stand so long in line. >> mr. gore, our boss made a
7:40 am
greet speech on the live show last week where he talked about the fact that these long lines are a direct descendent of jim crow laws. >> stephanie: what happened here? we need to see what -- >> florida i think it's great to give condit a second chance, but really. >> stephanie: he said we're glad so many voices made their voices heard, but as we go forward we must see an improvement in our election process. how about getting rid of you? the review focused on why lines were so long. because you cut early voting! >> you know who the real hero of election day is? the chap who took out his phone and elected. so many of these tea bags were planning on stealing the election with voting machines.
7:41 am
when that fellow put it out and the touch screen, whenever you touched obama and it lit up romney. they told their hackers clean it all up and no more voting irregularities. >> stephanie: if you drop one more current name, i'm going to tell jennifer granholm. >> bringing your cell phone in and recording what you're doing in there is not legal in every state. we need to make sure that it is legal in every state so that we can do that. >> i wouldn't be surprised. i can't claim it but the fact that that guy did it, put the fear of god in anybody trying to use a man r. machine from 2004. >> stephanie: we need to make improvements, it's fortunate look at the process. the number of votes cast in
7:42 am
florida while early voting was shortened from two weeks to eight days, that's why you had long lines. >> they're acting like democrats vote i see that as a real problem. >> this this is a state where ballot boxes for al gore are still washing up on the beach. >> stephanie: rick densner tried to defend his state's dysfunctional election process six hours, seven hours whatever. actually spoke to many voters to many voters who tried to vote early but had to wait object only to wait another three hours to vote on election day. god bless those people. he was asked whether he regrets rolling back the number of days
7:43 am
for early voting. he was unremorseful. >> i'd like to see the democrats in the senate expanding election day to election week. its so embarrassing. you know why it's on a tuesday in november? because the assumption was you had to wait until november and have a sunday for church and one day for travel by horse and carriage and vote on tuesday. we are still living the laws of dead people and why should it not be a week when we can have the most people in the democracy vote. >> and that should include weekends. >> thank you. >> i'd love to scrap all the machines and go back to counting paper blots. >> stephanie: the refusal to extend early votes was unconscionable. >> is that was strangely arousing. >> announcer: it's the stephanie
7:44 am
miller show. ♪
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7:48 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> you stepped on my toe. ow! >> stephanie: 51 minutes after the hour. >> wired up. sorry, i'm like a cameo here. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2. john fugelsang in studio. >> david petraeus, don't they teach you in hollywood that you don't sleep with the writer? i>> stephanie: details emerge of
7:49 am
his affair with his biographer paula broad well, including a second woman who received threatens emails. >> that's the one who freaked out. >> this is the woman who was harassed. great picture on twitter today of ms. broadwell with karl rove last weekend. >> stephanie: interesting. the second woman lives in tampa blah blah blah served as liaison where secret drones are worked on. this could be like we have a lover's spat that involves a drone being sent to someone's house. i'll send a drone. >> that will ruin my whole wholesome impress of drones. >> stephanie: kelly received harassing emails from broad well sending them to the f.b.i.
7:50 am
a friend said the nature of their friendship was unclear. hmm. >> david petraeus began this affair months ago just as a way of drawing attention away from benghazi before it happened. >> stephanie: i read in time magazine why mitt romney stopped talking about benghazi, they think because more of the blame is going to fall to petraeus. >> and condoleezza rice threw water on that whole thing. >> feinstein. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning both. this is something that could have had an effect on national security. we should have been told. there is a way to do it. >> yeah, when the girlfriend went after the other woman and it became implied that she had access to petraeus' emails. i don't care what your conspiracy theory is. >> stephanie: here's peter king.
7:51 am
>> it seems this has gone on for several months and appears that the f.b.i. is saying they didn't realize until election day that general petraeus was involved. it just doesn't add up. >> stephanie: they're always going to allege cover up by that the white house. the white house did not know. >> why wouldn't the president fire him before election day. so what if he waited? it's ridiculous. >> paula brad well last year. >> i think he is a terrific role model for young people, for executives, for men and women no matter what. >> she has kids and she's married. it's sad a sad story. >> stephanie: young people like you. >> she has crazy eyes. >> stephanie: you think? >> yeah, of course. >> she has runaway bride eyes. >> i was able to get a lot of great access and i got to know his family and his mentors. >> stephanie: that what the kids are calling it, access? >> this is what men think.
7:52 am
men don't actually want crazy sex with hot women. they want hot sex with crazy women. >> stephanie: that's that thing you always say? >> crazy in the head, crazy understand bed. >> she is an advocate forefeels. i've been blessed to have her in my corn and i appreciate the opportunity this afternoon to recognize her publicly. >> and his wife looks like a really lovely woman. >> it's sad and he's human and this stuff happens with duties, but the fact is if she had access to his emails, then every conservative patriotic has to be worried about it. it's sad that his career has to end like this after lying about how the surge worked. >> stephanie: you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi denise from chicagoism i just wanted to ask you a question, because i have a friend who i worked with and she
7:53 am
is in virginia. i called her and i said hey girl and i said looks like virginia went blue. the first words out of her mouth well if the 47% would pay their taxes. i just don't know what to say to these people. by the way can i say something that i wasn't going to say? john fugelsang, you are one hot toddy. i got to tell you. i didn't know you before, and i read your bio. some of the shots you had wow. >> stephanie: what picture do you have? >> i was young i needed the work madam. >> caller: i looked you up, because i never heard of you before. >> join the club. >> caller: wow grow your hair long. >> i had long hair for many, many years and then i opted for employment but thank you. >> stephanie: what is this dr. mcdreamy thing you have now? >> my off broadway hair.
7:54 am
>> was your hair long when you did america's funniest home videos? >> no, it was long. when i was off broadway, i had my long stringy keanu hair, which i loved. >> stephanie: james, go ahead. >> caller: i called because i have been noticing speaker boner for the last several days, and he's been holding on to the house. the if they don't be careful at this next election, they will lose the house and he will definitely lose his speakership. i would hope that the media would bring a little more light to this fact.
7:55 am
>> stephanie: there's a few mitigating factors. the caller makes a very good point. people with jobs tend not to vote and people who are older and retired have the time and do vote. the status quo is always more organized, that's why republicans are prone to do well. despite the fact they lost, they maintained a commanding lead in the votes against our own interest belt. >> stephanie: did i mention florida won eight of the nine swing states. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: he only lost north carolina, the only swing state he lost. 58 minutes after the hour. back with representative maxine waters.
7:56 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello, current tv land. jackie, look what i got you it's sexy liberal john fugelsang. >> an excellent gift. good morning. >> good to see you i'm outpipisoebeb show and doing an episode of the point which you were a guest on with the "young turks." >> i was a while back. >> still stopping you. >> stephanie: all that current tv name dropping again, al gore says blah blah blah. >> it was great to watch stephanie on the preelection
7:57 am
specials. >> we had so much fun those were great. >> stephanie: at the current ping pong table. >> not that i want another whole season of debates. >> stephanie: no! no! >> that was fun. >> stephanie: election fatigue. here it is, jackie schechner. >> as the president gets set to meet with congressional leaders on friday, politico is laying out five possible scenarios. first, they would go over the clip there's a week left before the thanksgiving break and four weeks left before congress session is up. house speaker john boehner wants a temporary deal that extends all the bush tax cuts and buys more time. democrats don't want to extend attach cuts at all even temporarily. we know going over the cliff would throw us into a recession but experts say if it's reversed within a couple weeks it wouldn't be catastrophic. if the two sides cut a deal
7:58 am
referred to as the grand bargain, it's preferable in theory, but with democrats and republicans so far apart, it is unclear what we might have to sacrifice in order to get that bargain. third, the two sides could negotiate around the issue of taxes. this is a little more complicated, unclear how it might work. there would be some sort of trade-off and it seems unlikely. the fourth possible scenario, create a patch to get us through the start of the year, which is a short term extension of the status quo something republicans would like, because it extends the bush tax cuts. president obama did that once in 2010 and is not willing to do it again. finally, we could procrastinate with a little down payment sending the message we will get to it. it would be a small package of spending cuts and revenue increases, close loopholes don't raise tax rates. we'll see. it would be a hard one to get past the democrats and the president.
7:59 am
we'll be back with more show after the break. guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> stephanie: yahoo! of course it's time to feel good, sexy liberal tour john fugelsang is in studio. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. i've heard that vipers like to crawl downhill knees and necessarile in christmas
8:03 am
stockings, merry christmas, karl rove. love sheldon. >> calling him a viper is an insult to the book of genesis. >> stephanie: we're represent the by people like maxine waters, good morning congresswoman. >> caller: good morning, how are you? >> stephanie: i'm really too good. i'm a little too happy. >> caller: that's great that's good to hear. good good, good. >> stephanie: what an election day, congresswoman what a week, right? >> caller: i know be it has been extraordinary. >> stephanie: i urge our represent friends to say the l. word with us, landslide the president has won in a landslide. how do you think this is going to effect the fiscal cliff negotiations? >> caller: i think already listen to some of the senators
8:04 am
now, graham said that she's interested in immigration reform. they have to get involved in serious legislation to make sure that something happens and weapon recognize that we have particularly in the latino community, are active, powerful and influential and they're going to do something about it. i see a lot of change this year. it's a real awakening on some of these issues. as for the fiscal cliff we're going to be able to negotiate and we're going to be able to do something about a combination of taxes, and programs, discretionary programs. so i'm looking forward to the negotiations. >> i hope so, congresswoman. it's interesting. i'm sure you've seen clips on t.v. of george bush talking
8:05 am
about mandates and political capital that he earned. obviously, what the president truly has a mandate. this is two electoral land slides i mean landslides in a row. he said obviously, you know, basically this question over and overcame up and americans voted for, you know, the rich to pay their fair share right? >> caller: that's absolutely true. it was very clear in this election that the points have been made that the richest 1% have been given tax breaks by the previous administration, and that people feel they should pay their fair share of taxes. now the president has basically said that that's non-negotiable. they're going to have to ante up and so i think that, you know the republicans in this case are going to have to give. i don't care what boehner says and how he troys to message it. the fact of the matter is there is going to be some taxes that
8:06 am
are going to have to be paid by the rich, by the republicans and we're going to have to take some cuts, but again some of us are going to have to make sure that the discretionary cuts do not cut deeply into the most vulnerable in our society. >> stephanie: you still you just mentioned john boehner. he is still insisting raising tax rates will destroy jobs. are they going to go back to these old talking points when the american people have spoken so clearly? >> caller: that's not going to work. i don't understand how he's capitulating. many people are trying to figure out whether he's been held captainive again by the tea party folks or whether or not he's going to lead. it's interesting in some of his pronouncements, he said it's time for the president to leave. no it's time for him to leave. he has literally been unable to
8:07 am
lead his caucus. this fiscal cliff that we are about to embark on if we don't get changes particularly on that side of the aisle is going to be his responsibility more than anybody else. >> stephanie: i'm looking a the a graph right in front of me. small businesses grew twice as fast with clinton tax rates. that's what we're talking about, right? >> caller: absolutely. you look at how we ended up with, you know, no deficit, et cetera. you can't organs that. i mean, the rich have to pay their share of taxes. we came out with no debt. what's there to argue, you know? >> stephanie: are we going to play this game with semantics in a way? bob corker yesterday said increasing tax revenues from wealthier americans would have to be part of the plan, but
8:08 am
talked about closing loopholes. are they not going to be able to say anything that sounds like a tax increase? >> caller: they can tall all they want. when you add up the numbers it does not work. you certainly cannot, you know, relieve them of their tax responsibilities by talking about you're going to close loopholes and what it's going add up to. i think they are buying time. >> stephanie: chuck schumer said you have to go to the 39.6 rate, the clinton rate. if someone can show me another plan that doesn't do that, show me one but i think it's mathematically impossible. we have all the clearly momentum on our side with this, don't we? >> i think so. i think like we saw in this
8:09 am
election, it's an america that is certainly changing in a dramatic way. not only do we have, you know, the american people who are speaking to, you know, the whole idea, people paying their fair share of the taxes. occupy wall street and everything that has happened has moved us, you know, to a point where people truly understand what we need to do, and it's not only on the fiscal issues, it's on the social issues, also. i'm very pleased about what i see evolving here in this country and the change that is taking place and it looks as if we certainly are moving toward a fairer america and one that is, you know hearing the voices of those people who have been left out for so long. >> stephanie: it's a great day to be an american, and even better day to be a maxine waters
8:10 am
constituent. >> caller: i'm on my way back to the red eye tonight to washington, d.c. and let's see what happens. >> stephanie: let's get some work done. always a pleasure, thanks so much. >> caller: thanks, stephanie. >> stephanie: going to do the people's work, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's right. >> stephanie: dean in oregon writes if you want racism, head to facebook. mostly my high school friends are busy unfriending people because they supported president obama. have you seen that? >> i sure have. i've seen it from the other direction, too. a lot of my friends are defriending romney supporters. >> if you're going to allow politics to come between you and the people you love, that's ridiculous. we get along despite our differences. >> stephanie: that binges, i've been scared to call the republican half of my family. give them time. >> i've had more people ask how your mother and brother are. >> the other half of my family,
8:11 am
the republican side is about 80% of my family. we talk about politics all year long. >> stephanie: guess who's losing 840 facebook friends her hour. >> could it be. [ wah wah ] >> mittens. >> stephanie: you mean facebook friends aren't real? he's lost more than 50,000 users, they've unliked his page. >> oh! and that's his campaign staff whose credit cards don't work anymore. >> stephanie: by comparison, obama has increased his impressive social media numbers over 30 million facebook likes up to 23 million on twitter. >> they'll remember him as a responsible fiscal conservative during tough times like they do clinton. go to the romney page and hit
8:12 am
the refresh button and watch it go down. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: walker brings in write in votes burning bag of dog pope pope. honey boo boo. anyone else living or dead. >> was he running unopposed? >> the yahoo comments are exclusively written by yahoo. >> never go into the comments section about anything! >> stephanie: john brights thank you for helping me deprogram my two best friends and republican brother. you're welcome!
8:13 am
>> what's a former republican? is that a straight guy? >> no, not quite. >> log cabin republican? it's like vegetarians for meat. >> electoral land slide second one in a row john. we happen to be part of the number one comedy tour in the country, sexy liberal tour, sold out in theaters. >> we saved the obama presidency. >> stephanie: one of the most successful stations in the country, our seattle station is flipping to sports. we just sold out two, 3,000 seat shows in seattle. one of the best run stations in the country. >> in seattle and portland, twice in seattle. >> it just means people want to hear the latest contradict scores, clearly. [ contradicts chirping ] >> stephanie: they'll be hearing
8:14 am
crickets. >> we'll be listening to you via the internet. that's the problem, we're saying this. there's too many ways to get information. it's like people are listening on line, podcast progressive radio satellite. >> if you're in portland and seattle, please take the time in your day just 20 minutes, look up the email addresses of the program directors and let them know how you feel. if you want to respectfully, don't be rude, let the advertisers know, too. i guest hosted for you a few times up there great staff. you can let them know that you're not going to be listening. >> stephanie: it's not their fault. >> they can pass it on and let the advertisers know, too. >> stephanie: yeah, because you need a ninth sports station in the market. >> that makes no sense.
8:15 am
>> stephanie: the sports ratings are a fifth of our ratings. >> you suck away a few other listeners from the other sports station but drive away the progressive listeners. >> stephanie: obama beat romney. maybe it's time for the good folks at 960 to put the "stephanie miller show" back on. she had 10 times the ratings. let's let the market decide. >> oh, that liberal media. [ applause ] >> let the market decide, what a comment! >> let the market decide in america, but we have to decide in syria was mitt romney's campaign. >> stephanie: back with more john fugelsang live in studio. >> i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:16 am
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(vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>"if you ever raise taxes on >>the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
8:19 am
♪ announce announce stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. i was just talking to congresswoman walters about the fiscal cliff. boner is insisting the tax rates will destroy jobs in america. where are the jobs? >> the government can't create jobs. where are the jobs? >> if the republicans will not agree with that, we will reach a point at the end of this year
8:20 am
where all the tax cuts expire and start over next year. >> you want the president to say hey, i made your republican health care allow. i always compromised your turn. >> stephanie: i like the picture of the president with the pen i'm ready to. >> it. [ wah wah ] >> the real problem is uncontrolled entitlement spending and a government that has grown massively, not just under this add but under republican administrations. >> stephanie: republicans have long opposed the expiration of the high income bush tax cuts, income over $250,000, because they claim small business, blah blah blah kill jobs, blah blah. evidence they ignore much like polling by nate silver.
8:21 am
it would return if the, you know, the bush tax cuts expire, small businesses grew twice as fast. here's a graph graph during clinton's time in office than when president bush was in office in the white house. >> who inherited a balanced budget. >> the clinton surplus is gone. president obama could say let's jack up taxes 5% on million ayres and a lot of republicans would support him. you'd be son serve actives support it. we don't have a deficit problem. we have a revenue problem. >> stephanie: peter morrison suggested in a news letter the state should have an amicable divorce from the maggots who reelected obama. we must delay the baby murdering
8:22 am
tax raising socialists at every opportunity. these kind of maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh. >> we're tearing up the roads our taxes built. >> why should vermont and texas live under the same government? >> because you're part of the same country? is it amazing that the people who brag most about their patriotism are the ones who complain the most? he's in charge of screening the state's public school textbooks that guy. >> i can't wait for the confederate state bailout. >> yeah. >> stephanie: allen west still has not conceded. >> for god's sake! >> stephanie: despite the announcement of the final vote count, he has refused to concede the race. >> i'd like to thank the voters
8:23 am
of florida forgiving him his second dishonorable discharge. >> stephanie: he may ask for a recount. on friday, a judge denied the request to impound the vote ballots for review. >> again you liberals, i hate you all. we had this horrible, horrible natural event happen last week, two years of mitt romney jokes were washed away. >> stephanie: hope you're happy. >> thank god michele bachmann survived. you liberals failed to take that away from us. >> stephanie: hi, may,. >> caller: first of all. [ purring ] john fugelsang. >> caller: i'm still waiting for
8:24 am
saying the women people have taken over. >> stephanie: she said she didn't drink but i bet she is now. >> caller: totally. i've seen these facebook and twitter things that say i hate america, they're all so stupid for voting for that black guy. i'm remembering back to 2000 and 2004 and i was really, really angry said w.1 but i never hated my country. >> stephanie: i know. >> caller: never new. >> stephanie: i know, exactly. activist martha plimpton coming up next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:25 am
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8:29 am
♪ >> sounds to me like that milky jezebel is giving a truck. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: 34 minutes after the hour. goonies was the best. i know you like good wife. i'm just saying. >> i have watched from the very beginning. >> stephanie: a fight has broken out over actor -- everybody back off, she's all mine, martha plimpton, good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: you have a roomful of fans fighting over you. >> caller: oh, that's lovely. [ laughter ] >> caller: and i'm a fan, also of your activist part.
8:30 am
>> stephanie: well, thank you. i mean, what a -- obviously you've been doing work for women's health issues. what a huge election this was for us, right? >> caller: it was huge. it was a very clear referendum on the involvement of religious organizations and government decisions about health care. it was clear that the american people which we've always known, the majority of them do not agree with government interfering in women's health care decisions. >> stephanie: turns out women's bodies had a way of shutting down that whole electoral process. >> caller: that's right. that's right. but that doesn't mean that it's over. it's the focus, the focus has always been on the states, and it's going to remain in the states and that's where we have to keep our attention. >> stephanie: talk to us more about what your organization does. >> caller: well, the
8:31 am
organization that i co founded back in march is called a is for. basically what we are doing is reclaiming the scarlett letter, and we found that in that period in february, march when sandra fluck was all over the news media, we found that what it really exposed was this underlying and perception of women's health as being dirty nasty, something we shouldn't talk about, something we should be ashamed of. our desire that wanting to have control over our bodies made us sluts and whores. that kind of shame and miss
8:32 am
misogyny, we are tired of being shamed, tired of having the abortion discussion turned into one of morality and women are heartless, thoughtless ignore ramuses if they choose abortion. we wanted to reclaim the right to discuss these things not only openly, but with pride. the scarlett letter, we have little a ribbons. when you donate, you get a ribbon and can wear it a understand show your allegiance with women's health rights. >> stephanie: all my female friends were having this discussion are we in saudi arabia, are we in 1952?
8:33 am
what's happening? you think you're the only one. >> caller: you don't think you're the only one you. just think that for whatever reason, there is a very well oiled apparatus that is bent on either denying or ignoring american women's constitutional right to control their own lives. we saw in the election, which was such a huge relief and the extraordinary number of women elected. >> stephanie: as it turns out binders full of women. >> caller: binders full of women. we saw that that's clearly an unpopular position, but you know our feeling still is as i said earlier our feeling is this stuff's been going on for the state level for years. that's really where the prohibitions and the access issues are. i mean, look, at this point only 12% of counties in the
8:34 am
entire united states actually have an abortion provider. while on the federal level within the presidential election was a huge relief to us because we all know now that planned parenthood is not going to be completely defunded. still on the state level in texas, when you remove title x funding to essentially drown planned parenthood, you're also drowning all these other clinics that may not provide abortion, but provide health services to poor women. >> stephanie: politically. it should cheer us that they still don't get it. i heard rush limbaugh saying we have to give the birth control pills to women. they just don't get the entirety of what this is about, do they? >> caller: no, they don't and it's interesting but they don't get a lot of things. they don't get a lot of things about science. science is not their strong
8:35 am
suit, you know. >> stephanie: neither is math. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: their own pollsters weren't very good, either. >> caller: right, so the fact that women's health and women's right to control when if or how they have children or how many children they have is an economic issue it's hard to get that through to them. it's hard to make it clear to them that in countries where women have control over their bodies, they do better, better i had indicated make more money spend more money. they have contributors to society in a way where women who are denied these rights aren't. there's very clear parallels all over the world. >> stephanie: i think this election is -- what i -- what i don't get is how they get right wing women saying this. >> he reached out to them through student loans amnesty programs for younger hispanics.
8:36 am
and birth control is the biggest thing. for sandra plux to have a prime time speaking role is absurd. we have women who can afford birth control turn out and say i want free birth control. turns out they are a one issue voter. >> if the leader of their party hadn't smeared sandra flux. >> caller: women and men we're all human beings, and so women can be smart and they can know things and they can, you know, function in the world with a certain level of knowledge about how it works or they cannot, just like men. so, you know, women are not a block. there are all kinds of women all over the world and country and
8:37 am
different women have different wants and beliefs and that's ok. that is totally ok. >> but it also plays into, i'm sorry, martha. it does play into religious fundamentalism. if you're against abortion, you have to right to face for abortion rights, go for it. religion, the more women are sub gated. women are raised as institutionalized sexism. no one think to say point out that things are sexist. we grow used to it. women are indoctrinated into this feeling that they are
8:38 am
second place citizens and men who want to get inside of those bodies get to dictate what happens to those bodies if they do. >> caller: i wouldn't dare get into a conversation about religion. it's up to them and i don't want to interfere with that. and i believe in everybody's right to do that, no matter how fundamentalist. >> amen. >> caller: but the trouble is that there are plenty of women and men who believe that women should not have these rights who aren't particularly religious. >> exactly. that's true. >> caller: who aren't particularly, you know, who don't go to church every sunday and don't, you know, belong to an evangelical congress degree allegation. >> stephanie: i think it also didn't, you know, resonate with people, they are saying small government, the best bumper sticker, government small enough to fit in my vagina. >> caller: right. that's why i think there are part of it, there are plenty, during this election, i think
8:39 am
it's obvious that there are plenty of perfectly rational republicans who voted for obama for precisely this reason, because they see that conserve fix has absolutely nothing to do with giving the government control over individual human beings' lives. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: you know, and so, and that's, i think that's a big part of the swing right now that's happening. the republicans got a big wake up call, you know, during this election about their platform, and about the emphasis that they put on these social issues, when. >> stephanie: yeah, they ticked off a lot of women with remarks about birth control and sluts rape, all of that stuff. one thing they haven't figured out yet is they can't see you in the voting booth. i think a lot of women went in there and voted. >> caller: it wasn't nearly days, not even days after the election that the ohio senate
8:40 am
president, i think his name is niehaus put forward another heartbeat bill. it's on the state level that we have to really concentrate and look at the people that we're electing in our statehouses and to represent us in the house of representatives. the majority of those people are anti-choice. >> stephanie: speaking of elections, you are scary smart and ashley judd is not ruling out a run for u.s. senate in kentucky. senator martha plimpton in our future. >> caller: oh, god no, not a chance. >> stephanie: do it! [ laughter ] >> caller: no way! >> stephanie: a is is the organization. martha, you are a delight. >> caller: thanks for having me. >> stephanie: talk to you again soon. >> caller: ok. >> stephanie: she's smart.
8:41 am
ashley judd might run against mitch in kentucky. >> he's going to have to hide. >> stephanie: back the remaining moments with john fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: you can't turn it off, not in the middle of turning her on. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪
8:46 am
>> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. valerie bloom for c.i.a. director. >> i'd go for that. she'd be the hottest c.i.a. director, a lot hotter than david petraeus. >> stephanie: another parking lot brawl. >> that's bad now you anti catholic bigots are going to bring that up now? you're going to victimize the clicks bringing up the fact that maybe a priest bit another priest's ear off. >> that's awesome about that headline? >> if it was a love's confirm it will be better. >> stephanie: it was over a parking space. >> at least it was something important. >> stephanie: it's what jesus would do. >> sure. >> stephanie: you know what. >> the click church is going to be the wig party before the
8:47 am
republicans are. sorry, steph. >> stephanie: could things get any better? we might get sex robots. >> what? [ singing ] >> wow. if we had sex robots, the clubs will be empty of douche bags. >> stephanie: could they extend human life spans with mind-blowing orgasms? >> we'll have to find out. >> jim's not waiting for robots. jim's going for r2d2 phone. >> stephanie: why do i think the c.i.a. are the ones working on this. some futurists think so. >> futurists? >> stephanie: arguing that robot lovers could give users mind blowing longevity orgasms.
8:48 am
>> actually, you can get orgasms with humans. >> stephanie: a sex both will never be too tired to get it on. i don't know why i'm celebrating the sexbots. >> they will be uploaded with sex skills from a millennia of information. >> i feel like we're in the 1950's listening to this. >> in the future, robots will do everything for you. >> stephanie: it appears we'll have to wait and see if the orgasms by sex robots will provide a key to longevity. they're still working on it. >> men have discovered that?
8:49 am
[ laughter ] >> why don't you take a stress pill and think things over. >> this is my lindsey lohan move. she was forced to pull out of an interview with barbara walters after walters said she was going to use the interview to interview her. >> she didn't want questions about the whole unpleasantness. >> if you look at the posters all over new york city, it's trying to use her notoriety to sell the movie. they have these little words like a bush speech in the background child star, sex scandal. it actually makes liz and dick look wholesome. >> that's going to be an awful movie. >> i'd like to see her straighten it out. >> speaking of questions this has been my morning long session. did you hear this on meet meet the
8:50 am
press? this is the question david gregory asked. >> you see senator assume her a role for governor romney in this process, the president to bring him in to save the negotiations over the fiscal cliff. >> are you out of your freaking mind? >> it would be nice if they would. no republican governors are going to talk to romney again. >> on the west wing, when jim. >> i smits won he asked his opponent to be his secretary of state. >> that doesn't mean life is like that. that's why i'm afraid about john kerry. everybody is saying he's going to be offered secretary of state. >> now huntsman is the rumor the other white meat.
8:51 am
interesting. >> stephanie: so now the i love this, this is a great piece. tea party activist blames republican establishment. fight, fight fight. angry tea party activists say romney was too moderate. go, further to the right go! >> they'll blame the recession on the establishment. >> stephanie: a republican from washington said republicans need to become more modern, not moderate. >> what does that mean? >> stephanie: i shall believe it's becoming more modern, hayes panics women take our values and religion to every corner of the country. yeah well, you did. we heard you. we got it. she said i think it's more about the messenger and who's communicating our values.
8:52 am
no, it doesn't matter. anybody in that republican field would have lost. >> that's citizens united. it's the first victim of it. >> stephanie: yes, romney was a bad messinger but it's the message. >> you must move further to the right. >> blame the president for stuff we did. people saw through it. >> conservatism and modern are not -- >> these guys spent money, they are not fiscalle conservatives. eventually, truth will out. in 2008, you could have run carrot top in a thong against john mccain and he probably would have won. the fact that barack obama won after all the misinformation and lying, makes me proud that the americans saw through the lies. people stood in line for hours. >> the jeep ads backfired. >> stephanie: this is going to
8:53 am
be the difference in the conservative and liberal media. they're going to tell you you're stupid and lazy. we're going to tell you you're smart and pretty and we love you. >> oh, god! >> stephanie: i just, i'm saying i think people would rather listen to a happy lappie message. >> that's why i like listening to your show. i don't listen to them, they're not entertaining. >> stephanie: john fugelsang is saying you're wicked smart and startlingly beautiful. >> too bad we're not backstage in a dressing room. >> he likes to kiss himself. >> preparing for shows is what i meant to say. >> stephanie: by the way john fugelsang threw up just before the show and still knocked them dad, looking beautiful. still knocked it out of the park. see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show."
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